About Us

Pulsar Print Management Ltd is the result of a constant evolution from a letterpress and lithographic printing company started shortly after the end of WWII. Then we produced amongst other things a series of books containing reprinted copies of The Magnet comic featuring Billy Bunter and Greyfriars School. Growth was achieved through a mixture of acquisition and organic means. This proved to be a successful strategy for many years but when Digital Printing burst onto the scene a rethink was required. We knew that if we were to be able to offer our customers the very best combination of quality, service and price we could not limit ourselves to our own limited plant list. A decision was made to concentrate all of our efforts on becoming the best Print Management company we could be.

Initially focused on just printing in all of its forms very quickly we were approached to produce personalised items of clothing, pens, mugs etc. Soon we had a substantial promotional merchandise division running alongside our printing division. Since all of the image assets of our customers have been digital for well over a decade now re-purposing those for use on t-shirts, polo shirts, USB sticks, keyrings etc was very easy and is a service we provide for all of our customers. Maintaining an image asset database is an essential part of the business in this digital age.

Currently the business is split evenly between printing and promotional goods, we are working hard to promote both sides, it will be interesting to see where we are in another 10 years.